In The End, It’s You Versus Yourself

For the over-thinker

Thought Catalog

Tiago C. LimaTiago C. Lima

Let it go.

Let it go. You won’t change the outcome. You won’t make sense of the situation. And you won’t heal through repeated contemplation. In fact, you’ll merely make it worse.

I know you can feel it. You can feel it rising — you can see that wave begin to crest, that white cap beginning to form. You know it’s coming, and you know it’s going to crash. It’s going to crash right over you and take you under. It’s going to leave you gasping for air. The anticipation takes the bulk of the time, the formation of that wave deep out at sea. And it travels, quickly and haphazardly through the waters, sweeping and destructing whatever may be in its path. That wave is dangerous. And it’s coming for you.

Let it go. Rise to the top of that water. Breathe. In. Out. Fill your lungs…

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