9 Things To Remember When Moving On Seems Impossible

Thought Catalog

Tom McCaghertyTom McCagherty

1. Acceptance is always better than denial.

Denial’s going to take you nowhere. The first step in every problem whether complicated, tricky, or not: ACCEPT IT. There’s no other way to face your problem if you’re undyingly trying to convince yourself that he will come back, that she will call you at the wee hours of the night, that he will suddenly appear at you front door, or unswervingly sugarcoating the situation by making yourself accept the myth that you were not really hurt. I know it hurts to swallow the whole damn pill. But wounds will hurt more and will persist longer if you tend to them with a band-aid rather than in letting in open air to help them heal themselves.

2. Cry it out.

Cry. If somebody told you that swallowing in the tears, standing straight, and tilting your chin makes you strong against the…

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