Rediscovering Yourself After A Breakup

Thought Catalog


Rediscovering yourself after a breakup is a process. You aren’t used to dealing with yourself, especially without the constant affirmation of love and commitment you once had from your significant other. The secret to putting it past you is to live in the moment (and I don’t mean screaming “YOLO!” at the grungiest bar you can find.

Having someone turn from the center of your life to a complete stranger is a harsh reality. Depending on someone else to be your rock takes a lot of responsibility off yourself. Now you are faced with regaining your sense of self. You lost a sense of your consciousness and you need to make a sincere effort to get it back.

Some people are not ready to move on after a relationship. They cling to the memories, watch sappy movies, and pound rocky road ice cream. Taking the first step certainly isn’t going…

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