Happy Birthday Love! :)



COMMERCIAL: I have not written anything here recently but I wanted to say and show how much you mean to Arra by doing what I do best – write.

Most people are unaware that you are my first love. And the timing wasn’t right for both of us back then. Sabi nga sa HIMYM, “timing’s a bitch”. You were both a blessing and a lesson, pero ngayon I just call you my blessing. I know it’s your birthday at ikaw dapat ang nireregaluhan, pero for some reason, ikaw ang nagregalo sakin. You’ve always been my happy place. There’s not much I can do or give you on your special day except tell you how much of a gift you are to me.

I know it’s your time to wish pero singit ko na din wishes ko for you. I wish you’ll finally be able to start living the life you dream. I will be there every step of the way, kahit literal. 😀 I will be with you through struggles and victories. Sorry hindi ako ganun kaexpressive sa personal. I express better through written words.

And when I tell you “I love you more” always know that I mean every word. Sana bumilis pag haba ng buhok mo, umiwas sa sakit, sa inom at sa pag sayaw hahaha! peace. :*

I love you and enjoy your day.

Your very beautiful and smart girlfriend, Arra


Any thoughts?

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