Something for the broken hearted…

Some people think that chasing after closure from the other person will help them let go and move on. I think otherwise. Chasing closure can be an excuse for bargain. You try to change their mind, you find loopholes in their explanations and say you will work on the reason why they’re leaving. If you feel like you already fought hard, let them walk away and accept that some battles are not meant to be won. You did your part, do not be too hard on yourself. Grieve, cry, and give yourself some time. Then suck it up, have some balls.

Eventually, you will realize that the only person who can give you closure and peace of mind is yourself. And it is freeing when you finally receive it.

It took me several months before I realized this. Several painful months. I chased after someone asking for an explanation, asking why he’s leaving, asking why he’s fallen out of love, asking for a chance. Until now, he’s never given me an answer. Then I learned to live with that. I realized that I wasn’t really chasing for closure. I was chasing HIM. And asking for an explanation was an excuse for bargain. It took me several months to figure out that I will never have my answer. Some questions are not meant to be asked and some are not meant to be answered. I thought that ignorance was a good idea. And it was.

I just accepted the fact that he has already fallen out of love. If you think about it, an explanation doesn’t really matter. He left you, that’s it. You’ve done your part. You’ve given enough. The reason for all these will not matter anymore. It’s already irrelevant. He has left you. And when you overthink about the reasons and explanations, you’ll torture yourself and perpetuate the agony. You’ll keep on thinking what you did wrong. Remember that it’s not about you, it’s about them. You should only focus on two things: that the person left you, whatever his/her reason was and now it’s time for you to move on. The reason behind the move isn’t relevant. It’s not going to help.