One Chill Night at the Classic Home Brew Cafe

As much as we love to eat, my boyfriend and I are complete opposite when it comes to food. He can eat everything from the go, grow, glow while I’m one of the pickiest eaters you’ll meet. So the decision on where to dine usually falls on me.

The advantage of living in the Metro and having full access to internet is you can search and browse and read reviews of where to eat. He is the ultimate food buddy because I can take him anywhere I want. LOL! Anyway, our first few choices were always mainstream and popular chain restaurants. As months passed by, we found ourselves seeking for not necessarily new, but delicious, unpretentious, less tacky kind of restaurants. Our love for small, family owned restos and cafes also grew.

He has a friend who lives in Imus, Cavite who told us about this newly opened cafe – Classic Home Brew Cafe. We went there one night but unfortunately the place was packed. It was not crowded or noise, but all the tables were filled. Fortunately, we want back a week after and scored a table.

It was a two story house with front yard that was converted into a cafe. I didn’t ask much information because I wasn’t planning on blogging about the places we’ve eaten. But I wanted to share now. Haha! It’s near Imus Plaza, same street as the Unida Church. Here’s their Facebook page:¬†

New and small, I was surprised that they do offer quite several hot and cold coffee, frappe and mikshakes. They do offer food but the list was limited. I think they only got three pasta dishes in their menu, some sandwiches and little pica-pica.



Wilmer, being the fries lover that he is, ordered their french fries with cheese sauce and garlic ranch dressing. For p90 pesos, it was quite affordable. I realized this when I remembered how pulutan fries would range from 90-150 pesos and give you the usual, deep friend, palengke fries. This one was good. We almost finished it before our pasta came.


I ordered their Creamy Carbonara and Dark Chocolate Milkshake. True to its name, the pasta was almost swimming in white sauce which has a bit of smoky taste (not bad though), sprinkled with bacon bits and added with mushrooms. It was worth it for 90 or 95 pesos. The milkshake was good, but it was not quite the one I’m expecting. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I do love chocolate so I prefer the bitter-sweet tasting ones. I thought calling it a “dark” chocolate makes it less sweet, but it was like milk chocolate for my taste.



Wilmer also ordered Bolognese pasta which was really good, considering it was only 90+ pesos. It wasn’t sweet but a little sour. Tastes like genuine, tomato sauce to me! I’m not sure tho, I’m not really good with ingredients and all. But it definitely does not taste like fast food spaghetti. He also ordered another milkshake which I forgot the name. I also didn’t have a chance to taste it but the waiter said it was their best seller and Wilmer seemed to enjoy it.


The servers were polite and efficient. There were I guess two or three of them but they served fast. I hope that soon they will offer more food. If you want to have a chill night and you’re within Imus, this is a good place to drop by.